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Has it been a week already?  How did that happen?

Being 4,000 miles apart has left us with some kinks as to who’s going to post what when.  Thanks for sticking around.

Today’s post, the second in our most recent round of photo tours, is going to be a quick one.  That’s cause it’s of my path to the library, through our favorite park—a trip that takes me around 5 minutes.  It’s not so very remarkable right now, what with everything being either dead or wet here, but the park itself has got some really great character.  It’s also pretty gorgeous when it’s covered with either green or white, as you’ll see in the pictures below.

Best of all, there are ducks.  Oh, and a sweet sort-of-castle ruin thingy.

Follow after the jump for more harrowing, duck-filled, school-walking adventures.  Or, you know, just to look at the slideshow.  It really is pretty, I promise.



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As I mentioned last week, it’s still winter, but for me Leuven winter = spring.  And since it’s spring(ish), I guess that means that some of you are going to be visiting soon.  We’ve heard from a number of our friends that spring is the time to head over here, and while we’re more than happy to have you in the summer as well, we’re both looking forward to our first guests since November (once Linds gets back here, of course).

Okay, so I’m probably looking forward to it more than Linds is at the current moment.  She’s actually home with many of you right now; I’m just chillin here, exams finished, not much to do except read and catch up on American TV via the magic of the interwebs.  How long have I been living alone, again?

So in the spirit of these impending visits, and to keep myself busy, I’m gonna take you all on a couple of walking photo tours in the coming weeks—you know, get you used to the surroundings for when you arrive.  I’m hoping to walk one of my favorite run paths through/around the city, show you a few of our favorite places, and maybe even head out of town.

In the interest of full disclosure, our first little excursion is gonna be to the heart of the city.  Normally, I’d be pleased as pie to show off our wonderful town, but there’s one thing you should know about and expect before you arrive: right now Leuven is silly with construction.

Be sure to follow after the jump for the full story.


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Xmas Miracles

While Lindsey’s been living it up with all of you back home, I was languishing in the oppressive beauty of Belgian Christmastime.

Here are some pictures of the prettiest damn snow I’ve seen in a long, long while.  Be warned–there are secret couples.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

What a beautiful snowfall—it’s what my Velda would call “Christmas Snow.”  The whole day (the second to last of the Kerstmarkt) was miraculous.  I’m having trouble forming sentences about it, so I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

And while we’re on the subject of miracles, here’s one for you: somehow, despite the entire nation of Belgium running out of de-icer, I’m currently on my way home.  Not enough miracle for you?  Here’s one more: I’m writing this post from the sky.

That’s right.  This is me, sitting in a chair, watching live cable television, writing a blog post, and enjoying a (complementary!) cocktail while being propelled through the air by a ton of carefully formed metal and wires.  Miraculous.  Oh yeah, and once upon a time, Jesus was born.  nbd.


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As you might know if you’ve been following along, Lindsey, Lindsay, and I made the trip to Liege this weekend.

Somehow, we got much more and much less than we bargained for.

The “much more” came in the form of the creepiest, longest, most crowded and inescapable carnival that any of us had ever seen—Liege’s “October Fair,” which for some unfathomable reason occurs in November.

Below is one of my favorite sights from the evening—a faux-Wendy’s burger trailer.  How do you say classic double with cheese in French?

Follow along after the jump for a photo tour of the rest of the weirdness. (more…)

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