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Oh, the things people use the Internet for.  As I’ve mentioned before, one of my favorite activities is using WordPress’ data collection features to see how people have been finding our site.  Every so often, when I’m either particularly amused or particularly confused, I take a screen capture.

Lemonade stands?  Really?  I don’t even know which post that could have brought such an intrepid Google adventurer to our pixely shores.

The “pie crust dough in a waffle iron” search I understand.  We’ve made a couple different references to the especially flaky nature of the waffles here, especially in the ways the dough a lot like pie crust.  But what interests me here is that someone was actually wondering whether they should be putting pie crust dough into a waffle iron.  At first guess, I’d say, “No, you should not do that,” but really I’ve got no clue.

Are you out there, little pie crust waffle maker?  Are you reading this?  How’d it turn out?  I must know.  If you get the time, try baking a pie using waffle dough as the crust, and tell me what you come out with.  There are simply too many questions for me to let this lie.

Other days, search results are more predictable.  I wonder if anyone who runs a successful Internet business or  who blogs for money has discovered what I’m calling “The Moon Boot Effect.”

Seriously.  If you want to boost hits to your site, mention Moon Boots in a couple of your post titles.  It’s good for 10 hits a day or so.

More confusing to me on this particular day, though, was the first non-moon boot related search term on the list: wedding vending machine.

Now, a part of me understands that this person was probably searching for some sort of rental novelty vending machine to place at his or her wedding, but there’s another part of me that hopes that’s not it.  Is there, for instance, some sort of vending machine for wedding dresses?  Or is this a sort of one-stop wedding vending machine where I can purchase dresses, tuxes, flowers, and a cake by coin?  Even better, does there exist somewhere in the universe a machine which dispenses entire weddings?  Cause that last one could really sell.  They’d have a customer in me.

Last, I’d like to point out that one Google search for a “wedding adventure” on “wordpress” really did bring someone to this, our site, which is actually quite germane to the search itself.  Good job Google.  You get ’em right sometimes.

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META Post: #2 Some mo a dat

I’m sorry, I couldn’t not post this.  It’s just … just … well, just look.

Admiral Ackbar still takes the top place, while our actual URL is bumped to the very bottom slot by searches for the “belt shaker exercise machine.”  You might remember that we posted a small link to a picture of a belt shaker exercise machine in our apartment workout plan, but we never realized that it would increase our viewership in a significant way.

Damn you, Google.  This blog was supposed to be hard to find!

How can I possibly write while the knowledge that my every word can be searched looms above my keyboard like some ethereal Googular wight?!

Is nothing safe?  What can I type?  Can I type “pantsuit wearing bears?”  Is that okay to type?  Seriously, if pantsuit wearing bears come up in our top searches tomorrow, I am gonna be mad.

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META Post: Top Searches #1

I really do love writing this blog.  I mean, I like writing in general, but this blog?  This blog is a lot of fun.

One of my favorite things about it, though, is actually administrating it.  Wordpress offers us some pretty fun things like statistics and metrics, and I could spend hours looking through them.

One such metric is “Top Searches.”  With this little function, WordPress allows me to see which search terms people used to find our blog most often.  So if you typed “lindsey and trevor adventure blog” into Google and found our site, it’d tell me–or at least it would if a significant number of people also used those same terms to search find the site.

But today I noticed some irregularities in the top search terms that brought people to the Pre-Wedding Adventure Blog.  Take a look.

So let me get this straight–most of the people who found this site through a search engine today did so accidentally, while searching for sites about Admiral Ackbar?

Wow.  I mean, we appreciate the readership, but somehow I don’t feel like this probably left our Mon Calamarian searchers satisfied.

After the good admiral, though, was the search term “exercise in tiny apartment.”  This one, I guess, is more understandable.  I mean, the very reason we came up with our first foray into mass-media personal training was that we were thinking about how to get a good workout in.  But again, if you were looking for a hardcore cardio drill for a small space, we probably weren’t very helpful (although running away from Trevor’s icy cold hands can be a real calorie burner).

What about you?  We assume that most of our readers get here by typing our names into the URL field above, but apparently that’s not the case.  So if you’ve found us by accident, hit the comments below.  We know you’re new here, but we’d love to hear what brought you to our wonderful online abode.

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