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Vis a Vis Visas

Our fans are pretty upset with us these days. We haven’t updated the blog in months, and there may seem to be no real reason for that. This is somewhat true. The reason mostly being that we are busy/lazy/suffering from intermittant bouts of frustration and rage.

But let me start from roughly where we left off last time.

In April, I was offered a nanny position with a family in a town called Haasrode about 5 miles south of Leuven. I nanny for two darling children ages 1 year and almost 4 years old. They are the cutest kids in the universe. I love them; it’s going great. The parents are nice. The house is great, (and I get to eat their food!). I work 4 days a week for now, Monday thru Thursday with occassional Fridays. I will work full time starting in October. I will write more detail about them later.

In the 3 months that I was in Belgium, Trevor and I were working hard getting all our documents together for my visa. We applied for a cohabitation visa. Basically, I get a visa for living with a Belgian resident (Trevor) on a permanent basis. It’s complicated.

It really doesn’t sound like it would be that hard. But it was. Because it’s Belgium.

If you recall, last fall I was working on getting a job, then getting a work permit, and obtaining a visa that way. Well…that didn’t really pan out. Let’s just say that my internship went less than swimmingly. They more or less refused to fill out the paperwork needed for the work permit, and I decided that I didn’t want to keep trying to work, for no money, and no real prospect of being paid, for an “organization” that didn’t really want me.

So this time around, we chose a different route. Almost equally complicated and difficult. We had to acquire document after document, all with correct apostille*, dated less than 6 months ago, translated into Dutch, etc, etc,etc. It was long and arduous. There was lots of emailing back and forth with the Consulate in NYC, the Leuven townhall, and my parents. There was much money spent in the process…we’ve estimated it at around $2000. All for a sticker in my passport that says I can stay here legally with multiple re-entries into the country.

So now comes the chapter where I go to New York. Brace yourself, you are in for a bumpy ride.


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